Keep your family's heart healthy by measuring an
electrocardiogram yourself easily using CardiaI !

CardiaI service for personal user

CardiaI is a portable ECG self-measuring system with a touching both left and right finger that acquired CE certification for the first time in Korea !
You can measure your ECG by placing both left and right fingers for only 30 seconds at any time, anywhere.
he measured ECG data is transmitted to the mobile gateway by the Bluetooth communication connection, and then encrypted in the mobile APP, and transmitted to the arrhythmia analysis software server.
You can immediately view analysis results through the mobile APP with u-Healthcare diagnostic support software.(Registered Patent : 2020.08.04)
By providing the analysis result (PDF format), CardiaI can be used as an assistant method for the diagnosis of arrhythmias by medical staff.
Medical institutions (Hospitals) can provide remote monitoring services using ECG analysis and reading software by web viewer.

Characteristics of CardiaI

  • Classy design and materials
  • Convenient rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • life waterproof
  • It is convenient to use with the status indicator LED lighting function.

CardiaI Service for Personal User or Home User

CardiaI device is a compact size, and then a convienent to carry.
Anyone in the family can use CardiaI while keeping it at home.
You can immediately view analysis results through the mobile APP with u-Healthcare diagnostic support software.
A patient may request a consultation at a designated hospital to proceed with medical consultation.

Remote Consultation Service Procedure
  • Using the mobile APP, take an electrocardiogram for 30 seconds.

  • Search the results analyzed.

  • Record the contents of the remote consultation.

  • Conduct ECG diagnosis and counseling services with cardiologists.


Inspect easily ECG rhythm by touching both left and right fingers for 30 seconds,
and can see reading result of arrthtmia immediately.
Take care of your heart health by taking an electrocardiogram regularly.
Currently, it is available for Android smartphones/tablets.

ECG analysis service of u-Healthcare diagnostic support software

Patent registration : 2020.08.04

  • 1

    Display of reading results for arrhythmias analyzed

    Provides each probability value of a predicted disease with high probability


    Provides numerical information on major sections of ECG waveform by waveform analysis

    By displaying the values of heart rate and major ECG waveform sections, the reading resluts provides information on the basis of reading for arrhythmias
    -> It enables prompt and accurate medical service provision.


    It is possible to secure reliability because it provides a remote consultation function with a specialist doctor.

    Patients can view the reading results which is analyzed in a real time, and contact specialized doctors at any time.

A detailed analysis report (PDF format) is provided for each ECG inspection result.

  • Analysis Result (PDF file)

    • Detailed information on waveform analysis
    • Information about measured numerical values and normal numerical ranges
    • Detailed information on analysis results
    • Diagnosis information by a cardiologists

A cardiologists can make a final diagnosis of arrhythmias by referring to the results analyzed and read by CardiaI, so CardiaI can be used as an auxiliary means for the doctor's final diagnosis.
The analysis results by CardiaI should not be used for the purpose of diagnosing cardiovascular diseases including arrhythmias without the help of medical staff.

Product Specification (CAI-100)

  • Product Item
    Ambulatory ECG system
    Model Name (Device)
  • Lead
    1 channel
    Measurement Time
    30 second
  • Device Size (mm)
    84 X 34 X 7
    Device Weight
  • Battery
    OK(USB C-type)
  • bluetooth
    BLE 5.0
    rated voltage
    DC 3.7 V
  • Distance
    Up to 3 Meter to connect mobile application
    Waterproof and Dustproof grade


  • MFDS (Korea)

    In Progress

  • European CE-MDD


  • US FDA


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