The company, Medipharmsoft was established in May 2018. We have developed Ambulatory ECG (u-healthcare electrocardiograph) that can self-measure ECG (Electrical Cardia gram) on your own without the help of medical staff or others anytime, anywhere. We have developed and commercialized an algorithm software platform that analyzes on ECG signals and read of heart disease based on artificial intelligent software. This platform service is named CardiaI, and the device that measures the ECG signal itself is named CAI-100.

Analysis and reading platform service of heart disease (arrhythmia) based on intelligent software

CardiaI is an ECG device that is easy to carry and can measure electro cardiography in anyplace, anytime. Our goal is to supply the u-health care electrocardiogram device (CAI-100) to many household, home and to prepare for unexpected heart disease symptoms by measuring the ECG signal in a real time, even when going out from his home. The CardiaI platform developed by medipharmsoft, that is, an analysis and reading platform for heart disease based on an advanced intelligent software, is differentiated from existing healthcare devices in the worldwide. In addition, Medipharm Soft is developing a service that predicts and reads arrhythmic diseases based on deep learning, and is growing as a specialized company in medical convergence technology based on intelligent software that is comparable to a cardiac medical device.